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3 People Call Me Tim

For some reason, there are 3 people who think my name is Tim, even though it’s Brad. Now, you may be wondering how this ties in to financial planning and investing, but I have to admit it really doesn’t. Today’s blog post is a bit on the shorter and lighter side, but hopefully you’ll appreciate my poor attempt at sharing a somewhat comical story. And if you read all the way to the end, you may just discover something about my company you didn’t know.

The 3 people who call me Tim are my mechanic (who I’ve used for years), Brent Carnduff of Advisor Web Marketing, and Robert at Trader Joe’s.

The inspiration for this post came when I was talking to Brent a few weeks ago. As we were talking, Brent inadvertently called me Tim. Now to be fair, Brent caught his own mistake and it was the first time that we had met. At that point, though, I thought, this is too ironic. He is the 3rd person that calls me Tim so I have to do something with that. 

Now keep in mind that the only name besides Brad that I get called is Tim. I wonder why that is?

I suppose that “Tim” is the default since it is somewhat close to my last name “Tinnon”.  Perhaps this is what precipitates the inadvertent name calling; I guess I’ll never know for sure.

However, this made me think that names carry very important significance; perhaps more so in other cultures and for sure in biblical times. But none-the-less names mean something to us.


This brings me to how I named my company. When I was born, my parents decided to give me two middle names, Earl (my paternal grandfather) and Scott (my dad’s middle name). So, my full name is Bradford Earl Scott Tinnon, and if you put the initials together you get “B.E.S.T.” 

You’re probably thinking royalty at this point, but I won’t argue with you. Even though you’d be wrong!

Going back to college, I always thought that if I started a business, I would somehow incorporate these initials into the name of the company. I started my company in 2006 and it was in 2009 that I incorporated the name “B.E.S.T. Wealth Management”. 

Interestingly, if my name were actually Tim, T.E.S.T. Wealth Management wouldn’t exactly be a ringing endorsement for confidence: “Come test us out; we’d be happy to experiment with your money.”

But of all the names in the world, I suppose that Tim is not too bad. After all, there are some pretty famous Tim’s out there: Tim McGraw, Tim Tebow, Tim Duncan, Tim the Toolman Taylor, etc… “

I hope you enjoyed a break from the usual financial planning and investment tips articles. Next week I’ll be back with more educational content. 

P.S. No “Tim’s” were actually harmed in the production of this blog post.

Please feel free to share any comments, questions, or experiences you have below. 

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Brad E.S. Tinnon

2 thoughts on “3 People Call Me Tim”

  1. Hey Brad (Tim),
    Really enjoyed a taste of the personal – we should all include more of that in our writing. Loved the story behind the business name – good that you weren’t named Paul, although Zac could have worked too!

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